Ready Set Sew

Kangaroo Kabinets offers unique and innovative features, in a range of models to suit your individual requirements for a comfortable and functional work area.

Kangaroo Kabinets, Sewing, Quilting and Embroidery Studios

Contact Ready Set Sew on these fabulous products. 

Aussie Cabinets

Ava Embroidery Cabinet

Bandicoot II Cabinet

Custom Machine Insert

Indigo II Cutting & Storage Cabinet


Emu Cabineta

Ginger Cabinet

Joey II Cabinet

Kangaroo II Cabinet

 Kangaroo Joey II Cabinet

Kiwi Storage Cabinet

Kooka Burra Cutting Table

Mod 3 Thread Storage Cabinet

Mod 5 Drawer Storage Cabinet

Mod Corner Cabinet

Mod Electric Lift Sewing Cabinet

Mod Sewing Cabinet

Mod Squad Full Set

Mod Thread Storage Cabinet

Kangaroo Wallaby II Cabinet

Tasmanian II Height Adjustable Table

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