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Wonderfil Thread, 36 Unique Thread Lines
Wonderfil Thread, 36 Unique Thread Lines

Wonderfil Embroidery Thread

Wonderfil Thread carries 6 unique thread lines all the way from 100wt to 3wt in cotton, polyester, rayon, metallic, and wool varieties. WonderFil proudly takes the lead in designing innovative specialty threads and setting new standards in the quilting industry by advancing thread technology.

Accent™ – 12wt/2ply Rayon Thread

This bold and beautiful 12wt 2-ply rayon is a heavier thread with a gorgeous sheen, making it stand out and “pop” when you want your stitching to show, as well as providing dimension, texture, and depth to any project. Accent™ can be used in all types of sewing machines and is available in 40 brilliant solid colors and 20 variegated colors.

Wonderfil Accent 12 Wt Thread

Ahrora™ – 40wt Glow-in-the-Dark Thread

This fun polyester glow-in-the-dark thread line is designed to light up the nights! Ahrora™ can be used on anything from art quilts to costumes to embroidery, and is a fantastic way to add another dimension to any sewing project. Just switch off the lights to see your stitching light up! Leave it in the sun or under a bright light to recharge for a stronger glow.

Wonderfil Ahrora Glow-in-the-Dark Thread

D-Twist™ – 2ply Twisted Rayon Thread

D-Twist™ is a 2-ply rayon thread made of two 40wt threads twisted together into a 20wt thread in coordinating colors. This unique thread creates a 3-D effect and is an excellent choice when you want to add texture or dimension to your project. D-Twist™ comes in 24 two-tone twisted colors that carry a beautiful sheen so your stitches can stand out and show off their distinctive appearance!

Wonderfil D-Twist™ - 2ply Twisted Rayon Thread

DecoBob™ – 80wt Cottonized Polyester Thread

This incredible 80wt 2-ply cottonized polyester thread carries a textured matte finish that has been treated to behave more like cotton and eliminate stretch. Delicate but incredibly strong, this lightweight thread ensures stitching becomes less bulky and designs softer while the fine weight also allows for more acute miters and rounder and smoother curves. DecoBob™ is also an ideal bobbin thread and is available in Class 15, L, and M size pre-wound bobbins in reusable plastic casings.

Wonderfil DecoBob™ - 80wt Cottonized Polyester Thread

FabuLux™ – 40wt Trilobal Polyester Thread

A 40wt, 3-ply trilobal polyester thread, FabuLux carries an incredibly brilliant luster while feeling delightfully soft and supple to the touch. Designed for longarm as well as midarm and domestic machines, FabuLux comes in both 700m (766yd) spools and 2743m (3000yd) cones. It is available in 35 variegated colors and 5 solid neon colors to stand out and show off beautifully on all your quilts and projects.

Wonderfil FabuLux™ - 40wt Trilobal Polyester Thread

Flash™ – 40wt Polyester Reflective Thread

This unique thread line was designed to reflect strongly under bright lights, making it ideal for use in safety garments, clothing and accessories worn at night, and even cosplay costumes and items. The polyester thread is woven with a second strand of reflective thread. Stitch it anywhere a highly reflective element is desired.

Flash™ - 40wt Polyester Reflective Thread

GlaMore™ – 12wt Rayon and Metallic Thread


GlaMore™ - 12wt Rayon and Metallic Thread

Hologram™ – Slitted Polyester Thread

A flat polyester slitted thread with a glittering holographic quality, Hologram is what you want to use when you want the thread to be the star! This highly reflective thread glimmers from every angle, making it an eye-catching choice for decorative stitches, art quilts, and all types of embroidery.

Wonderfil Hologram™ - Slitted Polyester Thread

InvisaFil™ – 100wt Cottonized Polyester Thread

Our finest thread line, InvisaFil™, is a remarkable silk-like 100wt, 2-ply cottonized polyester. This ultra-fine but surprisingly strong thread has cotton-like characteristics and negligible stretch while also feeling soft in the hand. InvisaFil™ makes for super low bulk stitches and virtually “disappears”, making it the ultimate choice for English paper piecing, delicate lace designs, fine fabrics, creating texture when micro quilting, or whenever you don’t want your stitching to show. It is available in 60 subtle to bright colors with a matte finish, so you can choose how much want the thread to show (or not at all)!

Wonderfil InvisaFil™ - 100wt Cottonized Polyester Thread

Mirage™ – 30wt Random-Dyed Rayon Thread

Mirage™ is a 30wt rayon thread with a beautiful sheen, and has been random space-dyed in variegated colors meaning that every spool you pick up is completely unique! Available in 40 colors, the random color changes and contrasting tones of this thread are perfect for adding a naturally fluid appearance to your next project. Strong with minimal stretch, Mirage™ is ideal for free motion quilting, decorative stitches, and thread painting.

Wonderfil Mirage™ - 30wt Random-Dyed Rayon Thread

Polyfast™ – 40wt Trilobal Polyester Thread

Polyfast™ is a 40wt trilobal polyester with a brilliant shimmer and excellent strength that is soft and smooth to the touch. Ideal for machine embroidery, including digitized embroidery on outerwear and home decor, it has been dyed and finished to withstand mild bleaching so you can embroider it on anything from towels to clothing to decorative pillowcases. Polyfast™ is available in a whopping 210 rich solid colors, leaving you spoiled for choice!

Wonderfil Polyfast™ - 40wt Trilobal Polyester Thread

Silco™ – 35wt Lint-Free Cotton Thread

Silco™ is a 35wt cotton thread, but unlike other cotton threads, this one is 100% Lint Free and comes with no waxes or coatings, making it the perfect choice for sewers who want to avoid lint and residue build-up in their machines. This unique thread also carries a sateen finish which makes it perfect for machine embroidery, quilting, thread painting, or any project using decorative stitches. Available in 30 beautiful solid colors and 30 variegated colors, Silco™ is strong and colorfast making it a versatile thread in your sewing room. We recommend using our Wonder Guard with this thread due to its slippery nature.

Wonderfil Silco™ - 35wt Lint-Free Cotton Thread

Splendor™ – 40wt Rayon Thread

This 40wt rayon thread has a luxuriously soft and silky finish that gives your projects a glorious sheen and drapability. Splendor™ is a versatile thread that can be used for machine embroidery, quilting, thread painting, and any kind of decorative stitching. It works well for embroidering on clothes, towels, or other items that frequently need to go into the washing machine because it’s colorfast, keeping your projects looking beautiful! The thread is also able to run up to 1000spm with domestic and longarm machines, so you can get your projects finished even quicker.

Wonderfil Splendor™ - 40wt Rayon Thread

Spotlite™ – 40wt Rayon-Core Metallic Thread

Add a little glamour with this 40wt rayon core metallic thread! Soft, smooth running, and less prone to shedding and thread breakage, Spotlite™ is a brilliant and dynamic thread that is great for anything from machine embroidery to decorative stitches and even quilting. Unlike other metallic threads that are prone to breaking or shredding, Spotlite™ is quality built for a strong, even stitch and will even run up to 800 spm on domestic sewing machines and embroidery machines.

Wonderfil Spotlite™ - 40wt Rayon-Core Metallic Thread
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