Ready Set Sew

Video Series

  • Setting Up Your Serger for a Rolled Hem 
  • How to make a blind hem using the blind stitch foot 
  • Use a Serger and fishing line in Cording for decorative edges 
  • Creating a wide filled rolled hem on a Serger 
  • Creating Gathers on your serger 
  • Using tape for stabilizing seams on a Serger 
  • Making Pintucks on your Serger 
  • Simple One-layer Gathers with a Serger 
  • Using the Cording Foot A on a Serger to make a bow 
  • Use a Serger to stablize a seam to prevent stretching 
  • Create your own cording or couching with a Serger 
  • Applying Cording with Serger