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DIME Inspiration Software
DIME, Designs in Machine Embroidery

DIME Inspiration Software

DIME, Designs in Machine Embroidery, has a fleet of machine embroidery and quilting software that will help make all your projects magical. From lace to camouflage, learn from the best.

Find the perfect software ……

DIME Inspiration Software - Embroidery Tool Shed

DIME Inspiration Software : Embroidery Tool Shed

Get started today with the DIME Inspiration Software Embroidery Tool Shed! Read and write popular formats and re-colorize designs are a few of the many features. Download now – it’s free.

DIME Inspiration Software - My Block Piecer

Create the perfect quilt block all in the hoop! The perfect inspiration to create beautiful, custom, traditional or foundation-pieced quilts with your embroidery machine! Patented: US Patent 8,967,062

DIME Inspiration Software - My Emoji Stitches

DIME Inspiration Software: My Emoji Stitches

Design female avatars, male avatars and emojis for machine embroidery with extreme detail! Even add wrinkles, freckles, hair color, hats, jewelry and more. Fun for you, your family and friends!

DIME Inspiration Software - My Fabric Designer

DIME Inspiration Software: My Fabric Designer

You don’t have to be an artist to design your own fabric.
My Fabric Designer is a program that combines artwork editing, fabric design and quilting features in one package. Print fabric on demand.

DIME Inspiration Software - My Lace Maker

Design your own beautiful lace with My Lace Maker. Plus, all the tools you need to transform any embroidery design into free standing lace! Design your own using over 1100 motifs. 

DIME Inspiration Software - My Pet Emoji

Choose from over 150 animals to customize raw edge applique dogs and cats for machine embroidery! Fun for you, your furry friends and your family! Select the animal breed, eyes, glasses and more.

DIME Inspiration Software - My Quilt Embellisher

DIME Inspiration Software: My Quilt Embellisher

The Perfect Inspiration to turn a simple quilt into a work of art with My Quilt Embellisher. Simulate the look of hand heirloom, echo, stipple and more! The perfect software is a simple click away.

DIME Inspiration Software - My Quilt Planner

DIME Inspiration Software: My Quilt Planner

Got quilt tops? Finish them with My Quilt Planner. The most user-friendly quilting layout program for machine embroiderers and longarmers! Design allover quilting from block to king size.

DIME Inspiration Software - Perfect Embroidery Pro

DIME Inspiration Software: Perfect Embroidery Pro

Perfect Embroidery Pro includes all the tools you need in ONE powerful platform. Now you can create professional quality embroidery EVERY TIME. Professional Grade Full Feature Software

DIME Inspiration Software - Perfect Stitch Viewer

DIME Inspiration Software: Perfect Stitch Viewer

Turn Microsoft™ Windows Explorer into your personal embroidery image gallery. Bonus! 20 exquisite embroidery designs. Create professional quality embroidery.

DIME Inspiration Software - Stitched Snapshots

DIME Inspiration : Stitched Snapshots Plus Software

When artistic expression requires non-conformity, choose Stitched Snapshots Plus! Give your photos, clip-art, and sketches a stippled or hatching effect. Embroider with an artist’s paintbrush!

DIME Inspiration Software - Vintage Embroidery

DIME Inspiration : Vintage Embroidery Software

The Future of Machine Embroidery is Vintage. A textured approach to machine embroidery. Use the built-in vintage designs or transform your own designs into vintage inspired creations!

DIME Inspiration Word Art in Stitches Software

DIME Inspiration Software: Word Art in Stitches

DIME Inspiration Software Word Art in Stitches works for everything from fun to functional and includes hundreds of custom features, fantastic designs and embellishments galore.

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