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Baby Lock Multi Needle
Baby Lock Sewing, Quilting & Embroidery Machines

Baby Lock Multi Needle Embroidery Machine

Wherever your creative journey takes you, you can rely on the Baby Lock multi needle embroidery machine to bring your inspiration to life. Baby Lock machines come with innovative features, many of which work with the “brain” of the machine to achieve the results you desire. These smart features are powered by Baby Lock IQ Technology™. Machines with IQ Technology make every creative journey a walk in the park. Look for the Baby Lock IQ icon next to descriptions of smart, easy-to-use Baby Lock machine features.

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Baby Lock Array

Baby Lock Array Multi Needle Embroidery Machine

Harness your creativity with the Baby Lock Array multi-needle machine. Use a brilliant high definition touchscreen as the control center for all of your embroidery masterpieces.

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