PFAFF coverlock 4.0
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PFAFF coverlock 4.0

Sew like a pro!
Are you looking for the overlock machine that has everything? The PFAFF coverlock 4.0 overlock machine is for you!

Its ultra-modern design fulfills all promises. The most modern convenience and a huge repertoire of stitches mean even more perfection and creativity. The PFAFF coverlock 4.0 machine offers all the features of your dream plus even more sophisticated extras.

5, 4, 3, 2 thread sewing

5, 4, 3, 2 thread sewing
Many options for utility and decorative sewing.

Many options for utility and decorative sewing.

LCD Screen

LCD screen

Graphic touch screen gives all the necessary information for the stitch you select. Includes multi languages and how to use each stitch.



Large sewing space for coverstich projects. Extension table included gives an extra large support for beautiful results.

25 Stitches

25 stitches

Trim, stitch, overcast and decorate projects in half the time.

Thread Tension

Automatically sets thread tension, differential feed and stitch length

Automatically sets thread tension, differential feed and stitch length

More Features

  • Adjustable settings: All settings can be adjusted for special fabrics and techniques.
  • Dual LED light sources: Maximum illumination of the sewing area for optimal visibility.
  • Memories: Save your personal settings for each stitch, uniquely naming them for instant recall.
  • Last stitch: Remembers latest stitch sewn when powering back on to instantly continue your project.
  • Tension release: Threads pull easily when presser foot is up

Accessories - Other

  • Accessory box
  • Screwdriver
  • Knife blade (for the movable upper cutter)
  • Thread unreeling discs (5)
  • Thread spool nets (5)
  • Oiler
  • Allen key
  • Tweezers (placed on the inside of the front cover)
  • Coverstitch table B (for Cover/chainstitch)
  • Cone holders (5)
  • Lint brush
  • Dust cover
  • Waste tray
  • Stylus (placed on the inside of the front cover)
  • Needle threader
  • Extension table including four legs and push pin
  • Needle pack


  • 25 stitches
  • Coverstitches – great for sewing elastic hems, perfect for finishing all kind of knitwear.
  • Chainstitches– Join fabric layers where a traditionally pressed open seam is required. Works well as a basting stitch.
  • 5-thread overlock– combines two stitches for durable and reliable seams.
  • 4-thread overlock– reinforced overlock stitch for perfect sewing, trimming and finishing.
  • 3-thread overlock– wide and narrow overlock seams and decorative techniques.
  • 2-thread overlock– rolled edge and flatlock, wide and narrow.
  • Built-in rolled edge– sew 2 or 3-thread rolled hems quickly without changing the presser foot or stitchplate. Download stitch chart

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