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DIME Inspiration Perfect Embroidery Pro

Professional Grade Full Feature Embroidery Software
Includes all the tools you need in ONE powerful platform.
Now you can create professional quality embroidery EVERY TIME.

Perfect Embroidery Pro provides all the tools you need to achieve professional embroidery results in one feature-packed platform.

Includes all features of Perfect Embroidery Suite

  • Running Stitch for Redwork
  • Over 140 Fonts
  • Run Stitch Font
  • Tackle Twill Program
  • Inside-out Feature for Caps
  • New Pattern Fill Shape
  • Save Design as JPG Feature
  • Auto Baste Feature
  • Create Custom Emboss & Fills
  • Alignment Icons for Easy Placement
  • Optimizes Entry and Exit Points


Digitizing Features

  • Magic Wand Segmented Auto Digitizing
  • Auto Digitizing Wizard
  • Create Manual, Run, Satin, Fill Stitches
  • Create Redwork Stitch
  • Create Custom Tackle Twill Designs
  • Create Custom Appliqué Designs
  • Create Custom Fill Patterns
  • Insert Keyboard Lettering (140+)
  • Run Stitch Font

View Features

  • 3D Realistic View
  • Design Sequence
  • Design Gallery
  • Virtual Design Redraw
  • Grid Lines & Guidelines
  • Intelligent Ruler (gives recommendations)
  • Image Fading on Imported Images 

Specialty Features

  • Design Optimization
  • Save Design to JPG in 3D View
  • Create Custom Thread Charts 

Formats Supported Include

Artista(1) (.art), Barudan Dos (dat & Uxy), Click2Stitch (c2s), Elna (emd), GN Scalable (1) (gnc), Melco Scalable (1) (cnd), Janome/Elna/Kenmore (sew), Janome/New Home 1000 (jef, jef+), Happy (tap), Juki (m3), KSM (ksm), Magellan Scalable (mgl), Magellan Style sheet (sst), Melco DOS expanded (exp), Pfaff (ksm, pcm, vp3), Singer PSW (xxx, emd), Tajima (dst, dsb, dsz), Toyota (10o), Pfaff (pcs), Toyota Poem/Singer EU/Dos HuskyGram (csd), Baby Lock/Bernina Deco/Brother/Simplicity (pes, pec), Viking (vip), Viking D1 (shv), Viking (hus), Scalable Vector Graphics (svg), AutoCad (dxf), HPGL Plotter File (plt),TXT, PLT, DXF, QCC, CQP, HQF, SSD, IQP, Emboss Pattern(emp), Motif Pattern(mtp), Shape Pattern (shp), Library File (ldf)

Editing Features

  • Edit Density, Underlay, Compensation,& Stitch Lengths
  • Optimize Design Sequence
  • Optimize Sewing Sequence
  • Modify Start and End Points
  • Modify Stitch Direction/Angles
  • Modify Object's Shape
  • Unlimited Redo/Undo
  • Resize With Stitch Regenerating
  • Resize, Rotate & Distort Lettering
  • CrStep-by-step instruction manual included. Achieve professional embroidery results every time!
    eate Emboss Lines
  • Alignment Tools
  • Edit Individual Stitch Points
  • Join Design Elements With Branching 

Step-by-step instruction manual included. Achieve professional embroidery results every time!

Minimum System Requirements

Windows 7 , P4 Processor, 1GB Hard Drive Space, 500MB RAM, CD or DVD Optical Drive, 800 x 600 Display, Mouse, and Internet Access. Download available for devices without optical drives.





Align designs center, left, right, top or bottom. Alignment has never been so precise.

Appliqué is just a click away with Perfect Embroidery Pro 

No math required! Transform one design into a whole wreath of embroidery with just one click. 

Need to fill a border? Just tell Perfect Embroidery Pro how many repeats you want and it does all the work for you.

Want to flip a design horizontally or vertically? It’s a click away with Perfect Embroidery Pro. 

You control what to print on Perfect Embroidery Pro design templates. Learn how here.

From mini to maxi, Perfect Embroidery Pro recalculates the stitches for you. See how easy it is.

Learn how to digitize the backbone of all embroidery – the run stitch. 

If seeing is believing, then you can be confident that there’s more than one to view a design.

There’s more than one way to select an embroidery design – learn what tool to use for what task.