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Janome Skyline S3

The new Skyline S3 is the perfect sister to the S5 and is also jam-packed with powerful features. The Skyline Range has been designed for every type of sewing - every day, home décor, high fashion, patchwork and quilting.  The Skyline S3 has a 310mm long arm (over 12”) with 210mm of work area to the right of the needle and an arm space of 120mm ( 4.7” ) high giving you plenty of room to cope with those bigger projects.  

With a great range of 120 stitches including a choice of 7 styles of buttonholes plus an alphabet, the Skyline S3 offers creativity on every sewing project.  Just flip up the top cover on the machine to view the huge variety of 7mm wide stitch styles available.  The stitch quality is excellent at speeds of up to 820spm whilst the special built-in features will help you cope with almost any sewing challenge. Pivot on corners with the needle up/down feature, control the maximum sewing speed for precision work, trim off threads with the built-in automatic thread cutter, thread the needle automatically … everything you need to make your sewing easier. 


Janome Skyline S3 Instruction Manual


  • Machine Size – W504xH316xD236mm
  • Work Space - 8¼" or 210mm to right of needle
  • Free Arm – 8” or 205mm
  • Embossed Measures - the sewing bed has embossed measurements in cm’s & inches 
  • Machine Screen - bright backlit LCD touch screen
  • Quick Reference Stitch Chart - in lid of machine
  • Easy Stitch Selection – Easy touch selection panel including stitch function/editing buttons    
  • Sewing Speed – 70 - 820 stitches per minute 
  • Stitches - 120 built-in stitches + alpha numeric font (Block)
  • Auto Lock-off Stitch Function - locks off your stitching at the push of a button, no more unravelled threads
  • Reverse Button - able to sew in reverse, this function is not available on all stitches
  • Lighting - 4 LED lights in 2 locations to illuminate your work area
  • Storage - in the compartment under the machine lid also in the extension table front and back compartments
        • Buttonholes - 7 different styles of auto one-step buttonhole
        • Stitch Width - up to 7mm
        • Stitch Length - up to 5mm
        • Mirror imaging – individual stitches + stitches in a stitch combination can be mirror imaged
        • Startover - the startover key resets the stitch to the beginning.  Great for decorative stitches and stitch combinations
        • Fonts – 1 font (Block in English, European and Cyrillic)
        • Drop Feed - Yes
        • Superior Plus feed system - 7 piece feed dog; no more fabric slipping, puckering and shifting 
        • Foot Pressure Dial - 7 levels
        • Needle Threader - built-in, easy to use 
        • Needle Up/Down - you can set this function in the Set Menu.  Default setting is down.
        • Carry Handle - long handle slots neatly on the top of machine 
        • Foot Control – electronic 
        • Internal Frame - rigid die-cast aluminium frame for stable sewing at high speeds
        • Machine Weight – 10 Kg
        • Stop/Start Button - can sew without foot control  
                • Needle Plate - has patented needle plate markings for precision sewing with needle drop position, angle marks and sewing guides in front of the sewing foot for perfect placement 
                • Easy-Set-Bobbin - yes 
                • Needle Positions - 71
                • Thread Cutter - automatic programmable thread cutter; cuts top & bobbin thread at the same time, pulling top thread to the underside of the fabric.  Also, manual thread cutter on machine face plate
                • Easy Bobbin Winder – Yes with 5 cutters on base plate 

                Standard Accessories

                • Set of Janome Needles
                • 4 Janome Plastic Bobbins
                • Zigzag foot A
                • Zipper foot E
                • Satin stitch foot F
                • Blind hem foot G
                • Overcast foot M
                • ¼ inch seam foot O 
                • Automatic buttonhole foot R
                • Screwdriver 
                • Large spool holder x 2
                • Small spool holder x 2
                • Special spool holder x 2
                • Seam ripper
                • Extra spool pin (horizontal type)
                • Lint brush (small)
                • Power cord
                • Electronic foot control
                • Semi-hard fabric machine cover
                • Instructional DVD
                • Instruction Book

                Optional Accessories

                Code No. Name Description
                200-318-000  1/4 Inch Seam Foot  For making perfect 1/4 inch seams 
                200-345-006  3-Way Cording Foot  Stitches up to 3 even cords with decorative stitch 
                863-406-009  Accessory case for Skyline   
                820-815-002  Applique Foot  For easier maneuvering around curves on applique pieces. 
                200-321-006  Beading Foot  Feeds beads 2-4 mm in diameter for easy attachment 
                200-313-005  Binder Foot  Funnel guides fabric around edge for tape binding 
                825-817-009  Blind Hem Foot  Less slipping, more accuracy for blind hems 
                820-817-015  Blind Hem Foot  Less slipping, more accuracy for blind hems 
                202-006-008  Bobbin Holder for Free Motion Quilting 4900/QC/3500  easier to achieve even tension control 
                200-136-002  Button Sewing Foot  Holds button in place for stability while attaching 
                202-135-007  Circular Sewing Attachment - 9mm ESB  For stitching in perfect circles up to 26cm in diameter 
                200-449-001  Clear View Quilting Foot & Guide Set  1/4 
                200-333-001  Concealed Zipper Foot  Create that professional  
                214-516-003  Convertible Even Feed Foot Set (High Shank)  Convertible Even Feed foot with interchangable foot plates and 2 guides. 
                202-001-003  Convertible Free Motion Quilting Foot Set - High Shank models  a higher level of perfection 
                200-137-003  Custom Crafted Zigzag Foot  Better view of sewing in progress for decorating 
                200-337-005  Darning Foot (Open Toe)  For 'free hand' embroidery and darning 
                200-325-000  Darning Foot (Regular)  For 'free hand' embroidery and darning 
                200-341-002  Ditch Quilting Foot  For clean stitching in the ditch or on seams 
                214-518-005  Ditch Quilting Guide & Adjustable Quilting Guide   
                200-338-006  Even Feed Foot (Open Toe)  Fabric is evenly fed, open toe for better visibility 
                200-309-008  Even Feed Foot (Regular)  Ensures fabric is evenly fed in all layers 
                200-315-007  Gathering Foot  Gathers and ruffles in light-weight flat fabrics 
                200-326-001  Hemmer Feet Set (4 mm & 6 mm hems)  Stitch narrow rolled hems with determined widths 
                822-808-008  Overcasting Foot  Professional finish to seam edges on woven fabrics 
                822-801-001  Overedge Foot  Stitch around fabric edge to prevent unravelling 
                200-317-009  Pintucking Feet Set of Two - Shallow Grooved and Deep Grooved  Evenly spaced, multiple rows of pintucks 
                200-314-006  Piping Foot  Create and attach your own piping, up to 5mm in size 
                202-010-027  Plastic Bobbins (10/pkg)  Plastic Bobbins x 10 
                200-332-000  Ribbon/Sequin Foot  Guided attachment of sequins, ribbons: plain or drawstring 
                820-809-014  Rolled Hem Foot  Stitch narrow rolled hems with determined widths 
                200-316-008  Roller Foot  For sewing up and over heavy seams 
                323-77-77  Rotary Even Foot  Stretchy fabrics are fed & guided evenly 
                943-100-000  Ruffler  Allows fabric to be ruffled, pleated to desired fullness  
                822-804-118  Satin Stitch Foot  Smooth thread delivery for denser decorative stitches 
                200-334-002  Screw On Zipper Foot  Feeds zippers or larger cord piping for even attachment 
                829-801-002  Snap On Zipper Foot  Sew on each side of zippers, guide for straight placement 
                102-261-103  Specialised Bobbin  Added rubber sections for improved performance and noise reduction 
                200-331-009  Straight Stitch Foot  Often used on very fine or very heavy fabrics 
                820-801-005  Transparent Buttonhole Foot  Freedom of movement for tight area button attachment 
                200-329-004  Ultra Glide Foot  Smooth sewing where metal feet may stick 

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